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  • Mary Magdalene

This is one of those ‘paradigm shift’ conversations that will change the way you see the world, the way you experience life itself. History repeats itself and breeds each new society that emerges, generation after generation, built upon the stories of the generations before. What happens when history is a lie or at best a smattering of truth within a great lie?
Lets undo the lies and bring our lives back to the source code of love.
Please listen to this woman’s remarkable story, her version of her life as Mary Magdalene and allow that paradigm shift within.
She is a master teacher I have come to love deeply. 

 1) Who is Mary Magdalene
 2) Dispelling the Myths
 3) Relationship to Christ
 4) Her Family’s Beliefs
 5) Disciple or Apostle to Christ
 6) Reception as a Female Teacher
 7) Mystery Schools
 8) Mary’s Role in Christ’s Death and Resurrection
 9) Association with the Rose
10) Mary’s Support with Healers Today
11) Mary Speaks

Recorded in the spring of 2014

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Mary Magdalene

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