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  • Dark Realms. Understanding Evil

...How it manifests on Earth & How to Deal with it

We all would like to think evil does not exist, but one glance at the news tells us differently. Red says  “until we expose it, we cannot heal it.”


This recording takes a look at, and helps us understand the realms of “Not creation, Not Love”, how it is manifesting on earth, (through us...) and what we can do to recognize it & deal with it in our own lives.


Addiction, depression and all the horrible thoughts that float about in collective consciousness that we pick up on are explored and explained in a way that makes sense. The Council offers us the understandings as well as the tools to make ourselves weavers of light, not dark realms.

  1. Introduction
  2. Preface from Red
  3. Exposing the Dark Realms
  4. What is Evil and its origins?
  5. Does Evil have consciousness?
  6. Purpose of Destruction & pain
  7. Manifestation and Personality
  8. Naming Evil
  9. Fear and Addiction as Deliberate Patterning
  10. The Frequency of Evil
  11. Indoctrination of Evil 
  12. Stopping Evil within
  13. Social platform for evil
  14. Practical suggestions for Healing
  15. Diana’s song


June 2010

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Dark Realms. Understanding Evil

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