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  • Crossing Over

The Process of Death & Dying .       

 There are so many of us dealing with parents, grandparents, friends and loved ones who are making this final journey that we decided we needed Red to do a studio recording on Death and Dying, tackling some of the tough questions we had about the process of leaving this earth plane. 

We are left with deep understandings, comfort, and awe at the vast network of support that is, was and always will be part of this loving creation.

1. Introduction.

2. Why is the Western culture so afraid of death?

3. Would you take us through a ‘good’ death.

4. How best can family and friends help with the death of a loved one?

5. What happens in accidental deaths?

6. Deaths that involve sickness and possibly drugs.

7. The death of children and unborn children.

8. Is there a role for assisted suicide when there is no hope for recovery?

9. What is it like to cross over?

10. What is recapitulation?

11. Traumatic deaths such as suicide, murder or war.

12. Final thoughts.

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Crossing Over

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