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  • Body Consciousness

Our relationship with our body is the most important relationship we have this lifetime, and yet for many it is a bad relationship. 

With all the shame, blame, abuse and impatience we heap upon our bodies, it is a wonder we live as long as we do! 


Our spirit moves into earth consciousness through our bodies, our desires come to manifestation through our bodies and the earth rises up through the cells and organisms that co-create our bodies, yet most of us are unaware and out of touch with what our bodies need to thrive.

How do we begin to heal this split and start to love and appreciate this masterpiece of co-creation?


True to form, the Council of Elders offer us a very different way to understand 

‘who’ we are. 

How we think of our bodies, the emotions we express, what we feed ourselves and how we treat our bodies all come together to create our state of well being, or not.

The consciousness of the body is made up of earth consciousness, inspired by our individual soul awareness.

How we treat our bodies is a direct reflection of our relationship with the planet, and how we treat the planet has a huge effect on our individual bodies, in more ways than we imagined.


This CD inspires and instructs us towards the proper care and respect for our bodies that cannot help but lead to greater awareness and better health.

A must-listen for all who are currently experiencing life in a body. (That's you!)



2.  What is body consciousness?

3.  How do our thoughts affect our bodies?

4.  How can we better communicate with our bodies?

5.  Digestive problems and what would be an ideal diet? 

6.  Genetically modified foods and the rise in gluten intolerances.

7.  Electromagnetic waves/ Water and Air Pollution/ Radiation etc.

8.  How can we improve how we listen to our bodies?

9.  Is it always necessary to take a lot of supplements and have a lot of therapies?

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Body Consciousness

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