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  • 2012 An Earth Odyssey

 The changes of 2012 are not about doom and gloom but are about moving into harmony and becoming what we are all meant to be here on earth. 

 The truth about 2012 and prophecies attributed to the  Mayan calendar is discussed in detail, and it's not what we were led to believe. 

Our earth is moving through the universe along with the rest of the planets and suns in our galaxy, and we are entering a new place in the dark matter of the universe. How is this affecting us, what should we expect & wise counsel on how we can make the transition easier is explained in the hopeful and life-affirming way of the Council.

(FYI This is our first recording & we were learning how to do it. The relevance of the insight & information in this teaching resounds through all these years later, but the sound quality is not excellent. We got a lot better at recording. Don't judge us by this one!) 

  2012: An Earth Odyssey

  1) Introduction by Red

  2) 2012: An Overview

  3) The End of the Pyramid society

  4) Effects of the 2012 Transformation on Us

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2012 An Earth Odyssey

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