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  • Weavers of Light  epub

Weavers of Light 

By The Council of Elders Channeled by Krow Fischer, Received by Wendy Murdoch

A manual on conscious living, Weavers of Light outlines how we create our collective realities according to our belief structures and imprints. It shows us how we have been doing this since the beginning of life on Earth, and how this has evolved into the complex structures of the societies in which we currently live. Offering an overview of how we co-create and operate as souls, this fascinating book describes how the earth plane is a teacher for the children of the creators. It offers insights and understandings, as well as very concrete tools for changing our conscious belief structures as individuals, and thereby changing our personal lives, and the collective social realities that we have been manifesting on the Earth. Weavers of Light is the first book of it’s kind that tackles the age old question of “why are we here” in such depth.

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Weavers of Light epub

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