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  • Unconscious Mind

Who are we, what are we and what are we doing here?
The Council has been helping us understand and become aware of ourselves throughout their series of teachings, but this recording brings it to a whole new level.
 By far, most of what we experience personally and as entire societies are created by what we are holding in our unconscious states; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical, through body consciousness and ancestral DNA imprints.
 To become aware of the subliminal systems that operate within and around us, allows us to change that control and therefore change our destinies.  Red brings articulate awareness and a deep consciousness to what lies beneath, creating a series of ‘Aha’s’ that will change the way you see and understand yourself and others forever. Only by knowing yourself, can you be true to yourself. This is our human journey. Be Aware.

1) Definition of the Unconscious
2) Unconscious Patterns
3) Habits
4) Hypnosis
5) Chakras
6) Intuition
7) Repressed Memories Phobias
8) Subliminal Messages
9) Being in Harmony

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Unconscious Mind

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