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Technology is something we have had to get used to in the last few generations, but what we are dealing with today is beyond anything our ancestors imagined, unless they were Sci-fi writers!
Where is this technological trend heading and what are some of the problems we may be encountering?
Are we creating new realms, new realities with our cyber space participation?
Will we become machines?
We had so many questions to ask the Council about our technological future.
Some surprising answers came back!

1) Technology in our Bodies
2) Will we become Cyborgs
3) Can Spirit Incarnate in a Mechanical Body
4) Artificial Intelligence in the Future
5) Why do some humans effect electronic devices
6) Is Overuse of Devices effecting us negatively
7) Are Cyber Worlds such as Games Harmful
8) Are These Creating Other Realms
9) Can A.I. Take Over the World like in the Movies
10 What is the Right Use of Technology

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