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  • Soul Archetypes

This creativity of this planet never ceases to amaze.  In it’s infinite wisdom, it offered up specific patterns for humanity to ‘come through’ on.
 Like each equine have their own personality patterns found in every herd,
and how canine differentiated out from original wolf expressions, exploring into breeds with specific personality characteristics, so were we humans offered ways of expressing ourselves.
 We have each evolved our personalities, through time and experience, distinguishing our own personal soul expression, but all are based on the Archetype patterns originally offered.  
 These original patterns have been corrupted by the horror and suffering we have participated in historically, our expression muffled by the cloak of ignorance we have been living under, but we CAN make the choice to express our authenticity, rather than the imprinted patterns of karma that we so often assume.
 This is a profound and deeply personal teaching for all ‘Children of Creation’ as we find our way back to our resonant truth.

1) What is a Soul Archetype
2) Original Soul Emergence and Archetype Patterns.
3) How Many Soul Archetypes Are There.
4) Determining Your Soul Archetype
5) How Can We Embody Our Archetype
6) Icons and Their Effect
7) Healing Archetype Connections
8) When There Is No Allowance For Archetype
9) Deviant Archetype
10) Patterns and Expectations In The Way
11) Making Space For Our Archetype

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Soul Archetypes

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