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  • Shamanism

Shape-shifting, sacred plants and responsibility!

 A Shaman, by the Council's definition, is a person who has agreed to participate with the physical and the unseen realms on behalf of their communities. To be in service as a conduit, to mediate what is physically manifest and what is in the unseen realms, whether past, future, within alternate realities, or in the spirit world on behalf of others.


An exploration of our collective history and a tantalizing taste of  potentials yet to come! Lineage, tools, accomplishments and a discussion about what it takes for such a dedicated life is explored. Respectful and honouring of the vast network of shamanistic cultures, Red leads us through this interesting topic leaving us with a lot to ponder! Who knew?


1) What is a Shaman?

2) Neoshamanism

3) Plastic Shamans

4) What practices are required?

5) What is a shaman capable of doing?

6) Tools of a Shaman

7) Journeying

8) Sacred Plants

9) Cautions and dangers

10) Shamans as earth healers

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