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I think we can all agree with Red that our concepts of relationship in the western world are not working so well for many of us. ‘Failed’ is the label we give relationships that don’t end in ‘happily ever after’, but Red gives us a different take on what we are doing with our love choices in any given lifetime.

 What happens when we try to stuff all our diverse expressions into the narrow confines of a Christian patriarchal concept of marriage, and who decided that concept is the ‘right’ way? 
 What happens when we send our light into denial and what have we created in the underbelly of denied sexuality?
 This is an intense exploration of the patterns we have unwittingly created here, and an offer of healthier alternatives as expressed by our greatest teacher, this planet.

1) Patterns of monogamy
2) New generation, new relationship forms
3 Relationship patterns animals offer us
4) Societal expectations
5) Denied aspects creating dark realities
6) Sex trade and sexual addiction
7) Mental and physical problems created by denial
8) LGBT relationships and current backlash
9) Relationship patterns life, after life
10) How to establish and maintain healthy relationships

April 2014

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