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  • Reincarnation Our Lifetimes on Earth


Reincarnation is an interesting and informative look at the process of soul expression on Earth.

Why do we incarnate, choices, karma, future, past and concurrent lives, soul intention, collective agreements and so much more.

Again, the Council has stretched our understandings with compassion and grace, assisting us all to become what we are meant to be.

1 Why do we incarnate?

2 Do we chose our lives?

3 Why are we not conscious of our choices? 

4 Are our life-times similar? 

5 What is Karma? 

6 Is there collective karma?

7 Are there future lives we can draw from? 

8 If you change one life, does it affect them all? 

9 Becoming parental to your soul

10 How many lives do we live? 

11 Healing your aspects

12 Concurrent lifetimes

13 Soul intention

14 Loving oneself

15 Do we make collective agreements? 

August 2010

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Reincarnation Our Lifetimes on Earth

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