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Our Pets,  farm animals, country neighbours and the animals of the oceans, they are our teachers, our friends and they are growing in awareness as we are! Bold truth, as we expect from the council. Yet as we learn of their incredible compassion and love, we know we will make it work together here. 

A must listen for all people with pets, animal communicators, whisperers, trainers veterinary workers, farmers and all who have relationships with animals, including their own body-selves!

1) Why and how did animals first bond with humans. 

2) Do Animals want to live with us? 

3) Emotional expressions 

4) Thinking processes

5) Do they love us? 

6) Are they telepathic? 

7) Animal whisperers/communicators 

8) Animals adapting to living in human communities 

9) The distress of ocean animals

10) Death, ceremonies and afterlife

11) How is the new consciousness affecting the animals? 

November 2013

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