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About Us

Awaken your deepest knowing with advanced spiritual teachings anywhere, anytime, at your own pace.  

Wendy & Krow have been meeting with The Council of Elders for decades asking important questions about love, life & the workings of the universe!

 Inspired by the interests of our patrons, our own curiosity & a desire to clear up some misunderstandings that have plagued humanity for centuries, we set out to bring these recordings into the public domain. Blessed with the Council's wisdom we are honoured to share these teachings with you.


In January of 2010 our first recording 2012, An Earth Odyssey addressed the prophecies of humanity & what these times would mean for us all.

We recorded 74 more amazing teachings since then!  

Tapping into the quantum fields of knowledge through Krow’s deep trance mediumship & connection with The Council of Elders, we have amassed an incredible library of   wisdom that is unique & refreshingly sensible.

All the big questions pondered about life & the universe.

Why are we here, & what IS 'here' anyway?   

The curiosities we have wondered about & the many esoteric speculations that have piqued our interest over the years have been discussed & recorded for our further education & collective awakening. 

There is a whole universe of ideas out there to explore & we have made a good start.